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Laptop Stand X - Adjustable Laptop Desk

Onyx Black
Pinky Pink
Active Cooling System
  • The most advanced Laptop Stand Desk.

    Ever struggled to find the perfect position when using your laptop in your couch or in your bed? Laptop Stand X is the answer to all your needs :

    • Modular: Both legs are fully adjustable, allowing to fully adapt your Laptop screen angle and height to your needs.
    • Passive cooling system: High-Grade Aluminium/Magnesium has been used to build the platform. This alloy greatly helps to dissipate the excessive heat generated by your Laptop.
    • (Optional) Active cooling system: USB powered fan to actively cool down your laptop
    • Included: The Mouse Stand: Want to use your mouse while sitting on your couch or laying in your bed? Attach the included Mouse Stand, and you're good to go!

The most advanced laptop desk ever built.