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Coolest charger l'v ever seen.

This is the third time I've ordered from you, the first time we got them, they were great. I had to order more in different sizes, because the whole family wanted them. I will be ordering more in the future.

Every thing seems to be fine fast delivery


Hi I received the 3 dope gadgets, but NO rotation elbow. Thats why I bought them.

My latest purchase was for gifts to friends. Your's are by far the best EVER !


These are so easy. No need to stab every time! And the charge fast!

love this product


The first cord didn't charge correctly, but I received a replacement that is working great at no charge.

Magic-Netic 360 MAXX (Starter Pack)

Magic netic Charger

Great product bought 3


These chargers are are truly amazing ,I love how they fit all the gadgets, I've talked to my friends and they love them also ,will be buying them. The length are perfect, love the colors too.


I mistakenly ordered the extra tips offer for a lightning cord, when I have an Android. I quickly tried to remedy this, but the website has no options to edit an order. I then sent an email right away, only to be contacted to be told that the order had already shipped. No offer to make it right. We went back and forth a couple of times via email, with no offer to remedy the situation. Now, I get the package in the mail. What was supposed to be a set of tips in a black case, was one bare tip in a bag. Talk about disappointment. Cool product, bad service.

I like my charger thanks


So happy to have made this purchase. Works exactly as described. I've already ordered more! These charges are great, so easy to use!

Love the ease of this, plus it really saves the wear and tear of always trying to plug in especially as we get older. Great product

Magic-Netic 360 (Starter Pack)

Charging made simple

I purchased these for my husband and I. We were sick of buying chargers and the connection pieces always break. I have been using these for a few weeks and it's so nice to just be able to grab the charger and stick it on and boom it's charging. Will purchase more in the future.

Magic-metic one

They are fine except the attachments are too short to fit into the device. Because of this they are prone to detachment easily.

Happy camper

I’d been having a problem with the plug and cable while using the iPad while charging, not anymore works perfectly now

Works great

I bought one for me and my mom and my boyfriend and we all absolutely love them nothing worse than trying to plug your phone in the dark and you don't have to with this you just get it close to your phone and it plugs right in

great gadget

Had mine for a week. love the ease of use. doesnt seem to charge as fast as a cord w/o a magnet. Makes attaching my phone on the go very easy. I use it while im ubering.

These chargers rock!

I have made a second order so I can have the cables in my car. They make it super easy to charge my devices and they have all the connectors I needed.

Magic-Netic 360 (Starter Pack)

I love them already an my phne is charge faster thanks for y'all help

Starter pack

Not exactly what I was wanting them to do but still all in all a good product . Takes too long to charge the iPad . Works good on the iPhone 11+max , works great on all the other gadgets I have the require a charger . Not dissatisfied .