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Magic-Netic - User Manual


Thank you for your purchase of our Magic-Netic magnetic charging cable.

This user manual will give you all information on how to properly use our magnetic charging cable. Should you have any specific question, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail :


Please carefully follow these instruction before using this cable : 

  • Keep away from Children. To be always used under supervision
  • Keep the cable await from fire, water, oil.
  • Before plugin the connector in your device.
    Make sure that your device connector is free of dust, dirt, water, oil, or any other contaminent that could engender misuse or damage of your device.

We will not be held responsible for any misuse of our product.


Our Starter pack includes everything you need to charge your device:

  • 1 charging cord
  • 1 connector for Apple Lightning devices 
  • 1 connector for Micro USB powered devices
  • 1 connector for USB Type-C powered devices

Please follow these 3 steps for optimal usage of our charging cable :

1) Clean your phone connector

before plugin the connector into your device, please make sure that the connector is free of any particles, dust, oil, water drop or anything else that could potentially damage your phone while charging.

Pro Tip: use a Toothpick to gently remove all the dirt that is inside your phone connector. 

2) Identify the right connector to use

This is a very straight forward process. In your package, you have 3 connectors :

(from left to right: Apple Lightning - USB Type C - Micro USB)
Apple Devices: use the connector located on the left. Please make sure to plug the connector with the Metallic part facing up (you should see the arrow)
Other devices: You will need to know which connector your device uses: Micro USB or type-C usb. To easily know which one to use :
  • USB-C (center of above picture) is fully reversible. You can plus it in any direction
  • Micro USB does not feature this reversible design.

If your current charging cable can be plugged in any direction, this mean that it's an USB-C. Otherwise this is a Micro-USB cable.

If you are still unsure which one to use. Drop us a mail with your phone model.

3) Connect your cable to the new connector

That's the easiest part. This is what's make our Magic-Netic cable so great :-).

All you have to do is to plug your cord in you USB wall plug, then connect the other side on your device.

Your device will start charging. Magic !

4) (optional) Restart your device

 We suggest our our customer to restart their phone after plugin in our connector. 

This is not mandatory but strongly advised as it can solve slow charging issue.
How to restart iPhones :



My phone is charging very slowly.

Our cable is not compatible with fast charging mode. It's only intended to charge any device at regular speed. 

The Metallic part is getting very hot while charging

This is normal, don't worry. Charging any devices generate heat. We decided to not cover this part in order to cool down with air contact.
However, we strongly suggest to NOT touch this part when charging your device.

My device is not charging

We suggest to perform following action:

  • Apple devices: make sure you plug the connect the right side (metallic part facing up)
  • Reboot your device. after plugging your connector
  • Make sure your that the device connector is free of any dirt (dust, oil, water)
  • Check if your cable is well plugged in the wall charger.
  • Check if the blue led on the cable is activated. 

If any of this helped, drop us a message. We'll be glad to help you.