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Magic-Netic 360 (Starter Pack)

Onyx Black
Crimson Red
Orchid Purple
Red / Black / Purple
key specs magnetic charging essential series

Magic-Netic 360 is by far the best upgrade for all your devices.

  • 🌐 1 cable for all: No need to look for that specific cable;
  • 🔄 Swivel design head Bend the connector in any direction thanks to the 360° rotating head;
  • 🧲 Improved Magnet for a strong and secure hold;
  • 💪 Built to last long: Military-grade nylon braid and pure copper core.

Magnetic Tips are compatible with all Essential Series chargers.


Package content

  • 1 Magic-Netic 360 Charging cable (3.3feet or 6.6feet);
  • 1 Micro USB magnetic charging tip;
  • 1 Reversible Type-C USB magnetic charging tip;
  • 1 iOS Lightning magnetic charging tip.

Tech Specs

  • Available colors: Onyx Black / Crimson Red / Orchid Purple;
  • Available lenghts: 3.3ft (1M) / 6.6ft (2M);
  • Weight: 89oz. (25gr) / 1.95oz. (55gr);
  • Magnetic pin type: 1 pin rounded;
  • Max power output: 12 Watt (5V / 2.1Amp);
  • Quick Charge mode: Not compatible. Please check our MAXX Series;
  • Data transmission, Car Sync, Carplay: Not compatible;
  • Ideal for: Non-Fast-charge smartphones, USB accessories, small tablets, e-readers.

Important note: Charging speed

Our ORIGINAL Series range can charge at max 15W, which is the regular charging speed

If you are looking for Fast charging cables, we suggest you go for our Magic-Netic MAXX or PRO series. These cables will be capable to hold higher power output.


Our Magic-Netic charging cables are compatible with all devices with a Micro-USB / USB-C or Apple Lightning charging port.

Example list of compatible phones

  • Apple: All iPhone, from iPhone 5 to iPhone 11 pro;
  • Samsung: All Galaxy and Note series;
  • Huawei: All Mate, Y, and P series;
  • Motorola: All Moto G, E, and Z series;
  • LG: All G, X, K, and Q series;

Phone case compatibility

The magnetic tips are designed to be compatible with most regular phone cases available on the market. Unfortunately, it won't fit military-graded / rugged phone cases such as Otterbox Defender, Lifeguard, Lifeproof.

The New Way of Charging your Phone.

Mobile phones have significantly evolved over the past decade: Bigger screen, Better camera, slimmer bezel,...

But there is one thing that hasn't changed for a while: charging cable.

With our Magic-Netic cables, we wanted to give the well deserved upgrade to this part using cutting edge Micro-Magnet tech.

Straight or Angled cable? Let's have both.

Let be honest: Using your phone while charging with a regular cable can get tedious, especially while Youtube-ing or playing games.

Our Magic-Netic 360 models are built with an innovative bending head that can swivel in any direction while charging.

By combining Micro-magnets and this bending head, we give you the best charging cable ever created.

Our difference: Quality.

Our main focus while manufacturing these cables was to give you the most durable magnetic charging cable ever built.

As such, we have made no compromises on the material used:

N-52 Grade Neodymium magnets, Pure Copper core, High resistance nylon braid.

You will immediately feel the difference if you have used similar cables before.

Finally, 1 cable for All Your Devices.

Using our Magic-Netic cables will make your life much easier when charging all your devices.

Our magnetic charging cables all come with 3 different tips, making it compatible with 99% of phones & accessories.

Do you need extra magnetic tips to upgrade all your devices? Click below to buy them

Fast-Charge cable needed?

Many of you missed the Fast-Charge feature not available in our Original Series cables.

We heard you.

Available NOW: Magic-Netic MAXX Series. Compatible with Fast-Charge (18W) & Data transmission

Customer Reviews

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Magic-netic 360

Works great

fantastic... one request

Really hope they develop a dongle for a magnetic headphone adapter so I can leave the magnet in and switch to headphones easily!


Magic-Netic 360 (Starter Pack)

Great product love it works great

Love the swivel connector and led light many dont offer those options